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PGL Little Canada Residential 2017

Monday11th September 2017

Day two...

What a fun packed day we have had today! We were all up, dressed and ready for breakfast by 7.45am and our first activities began before 9am.

We split into three groups and headed off in separate directions for our group activity zones.  We took part in archery, Aeroball, zip wire, trapeze and survivor. Survivor involved us working in teams to build a shelter using only the natural resources around us in the forest. We then learnt how to light a fire using jute and flint and steel strikers. 

Some of us took part in the giant swing and the teachers have been really impressed with the way we have overcome our fears on the trapeze climb.

The day ended with a 'Round the World' themed scavenger hunt around the site with torches and maps.

It has been a long, adventurous and tiring day. We should sleep very well tonight!


Sunday 10th September 2017

Here we go...

We have arrived safe and sound after a smooth journey. The sun came out on the sea as we crossed on the ferry and we even managed to go up on deck as we approached the Isle of Wight.

Our cabins are super - we have been given responsibility for our own keys and even had to wrestle duvets into duvet covers.

Then there was a wet and windy tour of the site but this hasn't put us off the amazing activities we have tomorrow.

Dinner was delicious-roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, Yorkshire puddings or macaroni cheese followed by chocolate sponge and custard.

Our evening activity was 'Robot Wars'. Each team dressed a team member as a robot using tape and cardboard. In order to earn the tape we had to tell jokes! The winner was the robot which best survived a water balloon attack!

We have ended the day with reflection and prayer. 


Tuesday 12th September

Well...we all slept brilliantly last night! Mrs Fowles and Mrs Whatley needed to knock on our doors several times to wake us up this morning. But we did wake this morning to beautiful sunshine and filled up on another big, delicious breakfast.

We split into our three groups again for today's activities. We experienced giant swing, zip line, archery, Aeroball and orienteering if we hadn't taken part in those activities yesterday. Two new activities today were Buggy Build and Fencing. Buggy Building was a team challenge which involved each team building a buggy using large plastic drums, logs and ropes. We needed to lash two ropes to each buggy to act as an accerlerator (pulled by a child) and a brake (opposing force provided by two children). The teams then raced laps of the court and we were judged on speed and the quality of our ropes and knots - some buggys did not survive the race as well as others! 

The storm clouds arrived after dinner but we still enjoyed doing a group orienteering challenge around the site using our torches. We used photos to find different points around the site to complete the challenge. 

We are now all packed and ready to leave. One last night, some final activities tomorrow and then onto the ferry. 

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