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"You shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater.” Mark 12:31

Statement on PSHE

At St John the Baptist we acknowledge that PSHE is essential if young people are to make responsible and well informed decisions about their lives. It should not be delivered in isolation. It should be firmly rooted in the school culture: through discrete lessons, across the curriculum and in extra-curricular and enrichment activities. PSHE is an intrinsic part of our policy to raise standards and expectations for all pupils and maintain the Christian ethos of our Catholic school. It is strongly linked to the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural values and ethos of the school.

The PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) scheme of work has been developed using the guidelines from Hampshire County Council and the SEAL materials (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).  The planned PSHE programme is taught weekly as a discreet lesson as well as through other curriculum areas (e.g. RE and computing) and within the whole school ethos.


PSHE is delivered through a range of teaching styles which include:

  • circle time
  • group discussions
  • drama
  • problem solving
  • stories


The aims of PSHE are to:

  • know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle (e.g. the benefits of physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health)
  • be aware of safety issues (including road safety, the correct use of medicines and online safety)
  • understand what makes for good relationships with others
  • have respect for others
  • be an independent and responsible member of our school community
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem enabling them to make informed choices
  • be positive and active members of the wider community (e.g. what improves and harms their local environment)
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